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    Lime skim on listed building

    its not easy to skim over old lime ,there is not the suction required to get o good finish , two coats of fine stuff first let it dry then 2 coats of 50/50 , but not easy
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    Gable End Damp Roof or Brickwork???

    is the pointing done in sand cement maybe / and roof slate missing on the verge
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    Victorian property external cement render removal

    call me for a chat if you need to res sean
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    Lime ceiling follow up

    3 coat lime putting all the way
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    Hair cracks in render

    Give me a call
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    Limelite high impact plaster

    Skip the lot that gear is cement based crap
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    Questions about lime

    Yep have to be run instiu . Feel free to ring me eazyjet to tell you info then write it all down
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    Damp Job sovereign recommend

    get the rubbish off let it dry and lime plaster it
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    Cleaning old PVA off brick

    scape the surface of the brickwork no easy
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    Questions about lime

    you can use timber angles, work well can get a crack detail , or set up rules and do hard angles does take time ,or run insitu plaster paris corners look nice but all down to what you want to spend .yep do the inside depending on background for which type of lime to use fine stuff good gear just...
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    It's just sand and lime