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A definitive answer to plastering on Knauf Aquapanel

Discussion in 'The Plasterers Forums Information Guides' started by Overboard75, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Overboard75

    Overboard75 New Member

    I've searched the forum, and need a final answer on this..

    Totally enclosed and recently built shower cubicle clad in Knauf AquaPanel which will be tiled floor to ceiling. The ceiling 1400x900mm is also clad in Knauf AquaPanel.

    PVA seems a no-go as a "wet area" so bond likely to fail.

    What bond if any? And what process? Do we have to use 'Knauf interior Skim' or just like swimming pool ceilings etc is there an alternative?

    Thinking of over boarding in standard GP which seems to defeat the object of steam & wet ingress.

    Contributions much appreciated.


  2. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    If it's going to be tiled floor to ceiling why the need to plaster the boards.

    Tiles have a better bond direct to boards I always thought?

    Id ask your tiler mate
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  3. Chrispy33uk

    Chrispy33uk Active Member

    As Zombie says, or do you mean just feathering into the edges?

    Skim is a pretty weak surface to tile on to, especially if using porcelain tiles etc. I'd rip the lot out if a spread had skimmed over it and I was due to tile it.
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  4. Overboard75

    Overboard75 New Member

    I realise my question was a bit confusing.. Sorry, I'm tiling direct onto the AquaPanel..as porcelain needs the strength due to its weight so that's sorted, it's the 1400 x 900 ceiling which I don't know how to deal with as nobody seems to have skimmed it before....There must be away? & if so, what do suggest you use to bond it, given pva is water based & the board is cement based? Or shall I just bang a bit of GP over the top..?
    Thanks for your replies so far
  5. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

    The ceilings boarded in aquapanel?
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  6. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    Blue grit..let it dry overnight then skim as normal pal
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  7. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    Though tbh I would have just used normal plaster board for ceiling...never seen them used like that before
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  8. Cockney1

    Cockney1 Active Member

    Aquapanel sucks the hell out of plaster. It’s a really porous background for Plastering mate!
  9. malc

    malc Private Member

    i would just overboard the ceiling and skim.
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  10. Overboard75

    Overboard75 New Member

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Deri

    Deri Active Member

    I’ve used blue grit before over cement board before. It still pulled a little and had some blebs but was ok in the end

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  12. Overboard75

    Overboard75 New Member

    Thanks Deri.. So it is do-able.. Out of interest...Did you just use standard multi finish?
  13. Runswithscissors

    Runswithscissors Private Member

    Hello mate

    Knauf have 2skim products for use directly into Knauf Aquapanel Interior....

    Knauf Aquapanel Interior Skim - which is a Ready Mixed Plaster product and can be spray or hand applied

    Knauf Aquapanel Joint Filler and Skim Coat White - a powder based Joint Filler and Skim product

    Both are suitable in wet areas and give a smooth plastered finish

    Visit www.knauf.co.uk and search product data sheets for more info

    As per earlier posts, Knauf Aquapanel sucks gypsum plasters, so it is not recommended

    Good luck

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  14. Overboard75

    Overboard75 New Member

    Hi Richard,

    So Knauf drywall easyplaster won't be any good then? That's all I can seem to find locally..bought it two weeks ago but terrified it will fall off when the moisture hits the cubicle ceiling. I will take it back
    Thanks again
  15. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

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  16. Overboard75

    Overboard75 New Member

    In the abscence of any further contributions, I'm going with Blue Grit & a 5mm finish to match the rest of the room & tile projections.
    Will see how it goes.. Richard @ Knauf.. Guessing you are having a mega busy day, thanks though to everyone for your help


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  17. Runswithscissors

    Runswithscissors Private Member

    Hi Mate

    Sorry, Ive not seen this post since I posted....

    Not 100% certain the make up of the Knauf Easyfill - but as a premixed product I suspect that it would be more suitable. Prime the Aquapanel as you have stated prior to applying this product
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