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100% yes, lack of water will cause un-mixed and also affect the setting time therefore causing colour variations
I remember spraying stiff as f**k once. Left the spray bands visible even after it was rubbed up.

I could never spray like that again, i do spray much wetter and its easier on the machine and my arms. Theres a limit though..some people are spraying too wet for sure and it makes me laugh when you see them spraying 5-6mm at 100mph so it doesnt run off the wall.


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Omg come on lads all he wants is a second hand Ritmo, tbf I know s**t about machines but do feel I have a better understanding of them nowadays, I conclude if someone buys a certain machine that’s upto them , it’s like a car you’d do your research before forking out thousands and if you made the wrong choice that’s your fault


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I only came on here to see if I can get a machine that can do internal spray finish and external renders, finally had enough of hand balling.
Anyway I cannot understand the need for people to constantly undermine others who are trying to sell a product and help others.
I have had great help off the pft guys, more so before this forum when I started out with a diesel and they gave me great info and help.
However, PISS are here and all I can see is they are trying to help people and put them on the correct route, I order off them when I can and I recieve it really quickly considering the distance. Put the knives away boys.


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Wetter the scratch darker the colour. Some folk try to cheat on a wet scratch, some things can’t be rushed through
I did a big gable with an extension attached flush. I put an expansion bead down the joint between the gable and extension wall, base coated both and let cure. The gable was done and scratched in a day full of water but the extension wall was done on a cold day so was an overnighter seeing as the gable took until 8pm to finish. The extension wall done overnight was hard the next morning and part dry so the left side finished full of water the right was hard and part dried.

Two completely different shades of Ivory. But I got away with it as unless you was at the top of next doors garden and looking for it you wouldn’t see it.