Chippy vs customer


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One of these jobs was boarded by the customer who had 0 previous experience

The other, a time served chippy

Can you guess which ones which



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Surely you looked at job before you priced hahah
This is a string of 3 houses. 1st of 3. When i quoted they didn't even have ensuites in. Price was amended. I expected it to be done properly as done by a chippy. As it isn't, it's a day on bill. not my problem.


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There are certain disciplines you learn on how to approach and do any job with the correct training.

Some people classed themselves as carpenters/cabinet makers just because they managed to fit a flat pencil behind their ear............and walk around like that that as if its a status symbol. Something a proper carpenter never does because his ear defenders will have no effect if he does that.

Any proper tradesman whether apprenticeship trained or even self taught would never do a boarding out job like that. He has no idea of how and where to start fixing boards on a job and even less knowlege on how to cut angles etc.

A proper tradesman wouldnt put screws that close to the edge of timber or plywood never mind plasterboard.

Even a shuttering carpenter would have done better than that.

It makes you wonder what the timber construction is like behind those slabs.


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:ROFLMAO: Jesus Christ that's horrific! I've gone over some s**t but that is up there with some of the worst I've ever seen!


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Unless things have changed,I always board horizontally on stud
We always do our best to buy boards in that suit the storey height and only have vertical joints. As far as I'm aware this has always been the correct spec, not that I'm saying that it makes any difference, but it's what we stick to.