Plumbers paying top dollar


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Makes you laugh don't it iPad and free gym is it £1000 or £2000 make your mind up lol, just browsing on indeed plastering wages are so varied working for companies :ROFLMAO: glad I work for myself it's either £80 a day or 200 at the other scale joke really whose applying for these jobs.


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Terrible place to work for lots of bullying goes on by the manger director if you stand up for self they find ways to sack you. Don’t bother with this job as it a terrible place
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Hate to piss in wind but i bet that add is a typo and is meant to read as plumber not plasterer!!!


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Chatting to one of my plumbers couple of days back. He mentioned that a guy he knows was asked to supply and install some granite worktops as part of a swanky designer install in London for the main ‘contractor’. £12k job, all done to perfection. Anyway, granite guy gets a call from contractor saying that the customer had spotted a scratch and wanted it sorted. Granite guy says not him, but contractor keeps badgering him to go down to London to polish out scratch and eventually he relents and does it as a gesture of good will at his own expense.
Anyway, later he finds out how much the contractor had charged the customer for the granite tops...80k!!!