Step in building to be rendered

Hi guys how do you do? Hope to find a answer to my question hear from all your knowlege,

Hacked old render off a garrage with a kango, the garrage is built into a bank i plan to render it after plugging and tanking it up, my question is its a 2 story garrage about 25foot high ish, bottom half is brick then a concrete slab in the middle that protrudes out about 2 inches before the blockwork carrys on up, its not a straight forward, bead up and go the concret slab is causing a lip on the garrage about 2 inch out, how can i do this as the corners dont mach up ect, treat the 2 walls as seperate and leave the exposed concrete lip or is there any other way to do this?? I will send pics tomorra cheers guys


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I have plumbed up a wall recently that was 45mm out in 2.5m.

But are talking 50mm thick before you start?

You could consider 50 or 65mm thick insulation on the bottom designed so as to protrude out in front of the concrete 10mm. Then apply ocr render on the top half protruding out a few mm of the insulation and thin coat the bottom half.

You will need some sort of expansion bead between the top and bottom renders.