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When bricks were bricks

Discussion in 'General Trade Discussions' started by Topspread16, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Topspread16

    Topspread16 Well-Known Member

    Nothing’s made like it used to be in our throwaway society [​IMG]

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  2. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    yup.... mend and make do is now fuckit bin it
  3. Daz76

    Daz76 Member

    Stuffs not as well made as it used to be so does nt last. Unfortunately that goes for the houses we work on aswell!!!!
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  4. t33ch

    t33ch Member

    some stuff... the flats I'm working on have common bricks made using local materials so they're full of sand and pebbles. Impossible to split or break neatly as they crumble and spall like crazy. No two are the same shape or size and they must have been a tw*t to lay.

    I don't think things have changed that much; you get what you pay for.
  5. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Mouldyoldspudgun Well-Known Member

    I don’t know about that we are very expensive and crap our work is always being hacked off and thrown away usually as soon as we leave the job
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  6. malc

    malc Private Member

    have you seen the price of a brick ? the cheapest about 50p each, a quality brick around £1 each. you need about 17,000 bricks for a basic 4 bed detached house.
  7. t33ch

    t33ch Member

    Still, when you're flogging that house for £300K or more, it's not that much.

    I always wandered how much it actually would cost to make a house 2' higher so that it didn't have sh1tty 8' ceilings? 6 courses of brick all round for much better looking rooms (IMO).
  8. malc

    malc Private Member

    years ago we had a house with 9ft high ceilings, all of the heat was at the upper most part of the rooms.

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